We’d like to fill you in on our little secret: Rayon from Bamboo.



The majority of our garments are constructed using the highest-quality rayon from bamboo. That’s right — our fabric is derived from the fibers of the towering and majestic bamboo plant. Once you touch our garments, however, you’ll see why rayon from bamboo is our top choice.

Slipping into our garments is truly like being enveloped in a second skin. That’s because our rayon from bamboo is among the softest, most sensuous fabrics you’ll ever feel. 

The material is also unparalleled in its versatility. Because of their breathability and cooling properties, our products are great for practicing yoga or pilates, going on a hike or traveling. A hint of spandex adds that all-important degree of stretch and flexibility.

But the fabric also lends itself to going glam. Thanks to our unique manufacturing process, our products have a subtle silkiness. Just as you can throw on yoga pants with our camisoles and bodysuits, so too can you go formal with a form-fitting blazer and slacks or a skirt. You're busy. We want you to be able to transition between occasions with minimal effort.

And just when you thought Les Lunes fabrics couldn’t get any better, it does. Because bamboo grows at a phenomenal rate and is by far the fastest-growing “woody” plant, it is celebrated as a highly sustainable material. Cut it down and it grows right back. Its resilience also means that bamboo plant doesn’t necessitate treatment with pesticides and fertilizers. Furthermore, bamboo plant requires very little water, protects against soil erosion, generates more oxygen than similar plants, and is biodegradable.

Good for the body, good for the soul, good for the environment. We wouldn’t have it any other way.