Meet the faces of our Les Lunes Spring campaign, captured close to home in Los Angeles, California.


Aban Sonia

Los Angeles-based freelance writer, costume designer, and stylist Aban Sonia divvies her days between working on scripted productions, branded campaigns, and collaborating with passionate brands that align with her lifestyle and values. When not working on set, she tries to sneak away from the city to discover new hiking trails and connect people with interesting stories for the travel and wellness blog Always en Route. Her South Asian roots and the many inspiring cultures she's encountered through traveling have sparked an affinity for integrating ancient modalities, like plant medicine and breathwork, to achieve holistic well-being in a fast-paced modern lifestyle. Valuing the potential impact each person has on our world, Aban Sonia stimulates curiosity and conversation about eco-friendly travel, sustainability, fitness, mental health, and positive self-image through her work.



Brent Campanelli

Brent Campanelli is a director living in Los Angeles, CA. Having grown up in a small town in Connecticut, Brent’s hobbies from and early age include snowboarding, skateboarding, drumming, and photography. Music was his first love, learning to play the drums at an early age he was in band throughout adolescence up until college. He went on to study film at Emerson College and received a Visual Media Arts BA. Today he has had the opportunity to direct commercials with the support of brands like H&M, McDonalds, MTV, Macy's and Pepsi, working with top talent around the world. It’s a fun experience for him to be on the other side of the lens for once. 


Zalma Bour

Zalma Bour is a singer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio who is now based in Los Angeles. She started recording and producing around age 18.