Les Lunes: Weaving Together Style, Comfort, and Ethical Fashion in the Bay Area

July 20, 2016

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi


Paris-meets-San Francisco brand Les Lunes has managed to create outfits that are simultaneously effortless, chic, as comfortable as a pair of sweats (totally proven, as I was gifted a stylish jumpsuit), and eco-friendly. The brand just celebrated the opening of their first stores--one in San Francisco and the other in Corte Madera, with a Healdsburg locale in the works. We recently spoke with co-founder Anna Lecat to learn more about all things Les Lunes. 

 How would you describe Les Lunes?

Les Lunes is a lifestyle Paris - San Francisco fashion house that marries comfort and sexiness for a timeless wardrobe. We are an eco-friendly brand exclusively using fabrics sourced from bamboo. Pattern and design is created at our Les Lunes Paris studio, and ethically made in-house. Our collections include apparel, lingerie, activewear, and accessories for men and women, with a growing presence of stand-alone stores in San Francisco, Corte Madera, Healdsburg, etc.

What is the aim of the brand?

We know fashion happens on real bodies, not in pretty drawings or on runways. We create super-soft, effortlessly sexy clothes that soothe, flatter, and instill confidence. We make one line of beautiful, high-quality clothing for everything you do and everywhere you go.

Who is the Les Lunes customer?

Everyone. We are passionate about people and dressing them in the most comfortable and flattering way, fitting their personalities and lifestyles. If someone cannot find their favorite piece in our collection, that means we are still working on it, and it will come.

Describe the French aesthetic in three words:

Timeless, Elegant, Sophisticated

How do you feel that Les Lunes fits into the fashion landscape of San Francisco?

The San Francisco community is recognized worldwide as the most innovative, eco-conscious, open-minded city with an active lifestyle. A large part of this community is asking the right questions about fashion business, how and why products are designed and made, and what is the purpose and passion of the companies they shop from. We at Les Lunes aim to answer these questions.

What are your best sellers? Do you have any plans to expand the current line? 

The Casino Jumpsuit is very popular for business and travel. It is an easy transition from work to play. It has been nicknamed the “Power Suit’ by some of our customers.

The Honfleur Dress is the LBD reimagined.The beautiful lace accents make this dress a one of kind, perfect for when you want to make a big entrance.

The Nightgown is a coveted piece in our customers' wardrobes and often a gift from husbands to wives.

All of our men are addicted to the boxer briefs, T-shirts and lounge pants

We are always building and adapting the line to fit our customers' needs and desires. We have a very active customer outreach program. Clothing should be in service to the wearer; we should not be at the whim of trends created for the sole purpose of selling clothes. Clothing needs to support our lifestyle. We are currently working on various styles to fit curvy figures. We are also adding to our Loungewear collection.

Anything else you would like to add?

Our new store at 3027 Fillmore Street (corner of Union) is quickly becoming a local destination for the neighbouring community. We have another Les Lunes store in the Village of Corte Madera (next door to Apple). Next to be opened is our beautiful Healdsburg store on the corner of Healdsburg Plaza. We have customers coming to be fitted by our French and local stylists from all over the Bay area.

Les Lunes, 3027 Fillmore St., San Francisco, The Village at Corte Madera, 1602 Redwood Hwy, 322 Center Street, Healdsburg. Also sold at Manika Jewerly, The Palace Hotel, 645 Market St., San Francisco, Harmonia, 2200 Marinshihp Way, Sausalito, leslunes.com, Instagram: @leslunes