Addicted to Eco Bamboo Fabrics

Shae Necessities les lunes


written by Shae   June 16, 2017

Shae Necessities Les LunesShae Necessities Les Lunes

When it comes to apparel, comfy, chic, unique and sustainable come to my mind. Lately I can’t stop wearing these pieces I got from Les Lunes, this amazing store in my hometown, Walnut Creek, CA that only sells clothing made of bamboo fabric. I have never felt fabrics that are so soft, amazing for the environment and just as amazing for you to wear.

Why wear bamboo?

I wondered why Les Lunes’ main focus is on active wear and intimates. Bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, insulating, absorbent and moisture wicking. Bamboo is also a sustainable crop; it’s fast growing, and self-regenerating and requires much less water, chemicals and labor to make than cotton.

Not all bamboo fabric is made ethically, which makes it very important on where you purchase. I love Les Lunes because their designs are so unique you can’t get anywhere else and once I’m wearing their fabric I never want to take it off. They pride themselves in their ethically sourced bamboo and it definitely shows in the workmanship and quality of their clothing.

Now I sleep chic and comfortably knowing that I’m doing good while wearing Les Lunes–that feeling is addicting.