Six Women's Officewear Brands

Liz Segran delivers the verdict on six women’s officewear brands.

NEW YORK — Fast Company’s Liz Segran has lit the modern luxury corner of the internet ablaze this morning with a six brand rundown of some of the top women’s workwear specialists on the market. As we tend to emphasize frequently, she’s always on the mark, and fewer reporters, save for Forbes’ Vivienne Decker, do it better when covering the modern luxury sector than Ms. Segran.

Her process: “I’ve spent the last few weeks testing a range of work uniforms that can help women simplify their morning routine throughout the year. Each outfit on this list is designed to be appropriate for different industries and office cultures. They also span a range of price points. This can be used as a template to help you build a work uniform that is perfect for your particular situation.”

The lineup:

  • Argent, most appropriate for women working at “Tech companies from startups to giants”, channeling the spirit of Angela Ahrendts.
  • MM.Lafleur, best for “the starchier industries”, those in consulting, law, and government (think: Kamala Harris).
  • Senza Tempo, “Killer pieces for when you’re going for an interview, giving a talk, presenting findings to the board”; inspiration: Amal Clooney.
  • Les Lunes, a versatile line great for the office, board meetings, or “chasing after your child in the playground after work”, with a nod to Oprah.
  • Aritzia, great for those building their first work uniform in the 18-30 year old market, channeling the spirit of Emma Watson.
  • And lastly, Eileen Fisher, perfect for creative professionals: “Architects, designers, creative directors”, folks like Ilse Crawford.

Key observations: Each of theses brands exists to solve specific marketplace failures. Each, too, targets a unique customer base, which Segran does a terrific job dissecting. This means that while the women’s officewear market is becoming more competitive, it’s a good bet that over the long term all six of these companies will be able to co-exist given that each is razor sharp in focus and quite distinct.

Segran’s choice: When asked her personal favorite by Lean Luxe, Segran responded: “Les Lunes for sure. With Eileen Fisher as a close second.”