The Perfect Maternity Bralette and les lunes pregnancy bra

The Perfect Maternity Bralette for Each Trimester

 Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson  Jun 17, 2017

Pregnancy brings with it a whole boatload of challenges, not least of which is adjusting to your changing body. Of course, your belly isn’t the only part that’s growing, meaning a good bra that’s comfortable — and can accommodate your expanding cup size — is totally essential. To give you one less thing to think about (#pregnancybrain), here are bralettes for each trimester so you (and the girls) will be covered.


Your breasts may begin to feel fuller than ever, so go with something pretty but comfortable like this Les Lunes George V Balconnet Bra ($82). Made of bamboo, it’s super soft and comfy, but still looks sexy.