I come from a long line of stubborn women.

Tobe, Winery Owner, 43 years old


I come from a long line of stubborn women. My grandmother was a business owner in a small logging town in the Sierra Nevada foothills in the 20's. Newly wed, she moved to North Fork so my grandfather could spend his days hiking in the Sierra Nevada wilderness. Grandma owned and ran the grocery store, the gas station and the restaurant. She subdivided the town, started the water company and brought in merchants for the hardware store, pharmacy, hair salon, shoe store, clothing store and even a small movie theater. During the time that my father was a child, the logging mill was running strong, and North Fork was booming. She wasn't the only Grimes girl to forge new paths; one taught at Berkeley, one made her fortune in real estate, and one became a judge. My father was her only child, born to her late in life, and I was her only grandchild. She was a strong, powerful woman in a time when many women were oppressed, and she taught me with hard work and perseverance I could do whatever I wanted. I never once thought, "Oh, I can't do this or that because I am a girl or I don't have enough money." 

I have always followed my dreams... and they have led me on many wonderful adventures."

I believe being a fiercely independent woman is about remaining true to your ideals and dreams while inspiring others to do the same. That doesn't mean that I don't have doubts and insecurities; it means the more that something terrifies me, the more I am motivated to master it. If we aren't challenging ourselves, we aren't learning and growing. If we aren't learning and growing, we aren't living, and I am greedy for life, I want to capture every moment. In my pursuit of life's many passions, I have come to realize that being a leader in any industry is a great responsibility. Kindness costs us nothing, but the benefits of building a community pay well. 

"Every woman needs to discover her secret weapon for being the fierce, loving spirit that she is."

If you find balance, you find success. Following passions is easy. They tug at your heart and consume your thoughts. There are many avenues to balance, and for everyone it is different. I run, I climb, I write, I explore, I play with the dogs and spend time with my husband, but it is running that saves me. Running allows my brain to find a rhythm, to shake loose new ideas for the winery or a story. It gives me the strength to calmly face each day's challenges and the energy to give my best to the world and my family. 

Tobe's Favorite Les Lunes

My favorite Les Lunes is the That's a Wrap Cardigan. It is the epitome of wine country chic. Being the owner of a micro-winery means I have to be able to transition from barrel work to tasting room; or plane to a dinner party in an instant. I'm always on the go and the That's a Wrap Cardigan is always there lending a look of effortless elegance... and I love, love, love the luxurious feel of the Bamboo Rayon against my skin!